Signal app is down and is facing global outage due to massive influx of new users

The users of highly-encrypted Signal app faced problem sending messages and the company said on Saturday that it was still working to bring additional capacity online to handle peak traffic levels. The problem started late Friday and the company first acknowledged it may be due to technical difficulties. Signal allows for secure and encrypted video, … Read more

How to create same WhatsApp groups on Signal app

The recent move by WhatsApp to update its terms of service and privacy policy has raised concerns among millions of users of the instant messaging app. Company has made it mandatory for every user to accept it before 8 feb 2021 in order to continue using the app. The new privacy policy of whatsapp ndicates … Read more

How to backup and restore Signal app messages in your own device

Signal has moved from an unknown app to becoming the top free app in several countries, including India. The great rush of new users to the open-source app is thanks to WhatsApp’s new terms of service and privacy policies. It has seen a spike in downloads as users search for WhatsApp alternatives. This is after WhatsApp annouced  that … Read more